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Espresso Roast

Guatemala Las Brisas | Plum, Panna Cotta, Chocolate

Guatemala Las Brisas | Plum, Panna Cotta, Chocolate

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Wholebean or Ground

Introducing Lost Sheep Coffee's - Guatemala Las Brisas. 

This tasty coffee has been specifically profiled for a delicious cup of espresso. 
Enjoy with out and with milk, or your favourite alternative. 


Origin:  Guatemala

RegionAldea Las Brisas, Mataquesquintla, New Oriente

Farmer : Marvin Carias

Altitude1600 - 1700 M.A.S.L


VarietalPache, Catuai

Process: Washed 

Cupping Notes : Expect Plum, Panna Cotta and Chocolate - perfect for espresso with or without milk! 

Cup Score : 85 



Guatemala Las Brisas  is best as espresso, try with or without milk / your favourite alternative! 

We like to use a traditional 2:1 ratio to get the best out of this blend! 

18.5g Coffee          28– 34 Seconds extraction            38-42g final espresso yield!



Marvin bought his first parcel of land in this area in 1990. Over the decades they added to their holdings with various parcels of land as the business became more and more profitable. Over the years he has improved the farm practices, replanted some of the older trees, and implemented a system of shade management to improve the farm. Now, he operates a wet mill in addition to Finca Las Brisas.

At the wet mill, Marvin works to ensure smart water usage, including care with processing wastewater. Without proper processing, wastewater can contaminate soil and water sources. His system involves 8 wastewater ponds, and after treatment clean water emerges from the 8th. He also uses a water pump to recirculate clean water, which helps reduce water use at the mill.

We roast all of our coffee beans in small batches - we want to make sure you get the best beans for your brew. This means we're roasting Monday to Friday so your caffeine delivery will contain coffee that is freshly roasted and ready to enjoy! 

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