The Filter One | Rum, Sherbet, Dark Caramel

Filter Roast

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Origin: Brazil

Region: Paranaiba

Altitude: 1100m

VarietalRed Catuai Peaberry

Process: Natural fermented

Recommended For Filter or Espresso? We think this coffee tastes best as Filter

Tasting Notes: Rum, Sherbet, Dark Caramel 



We get this coffee direct from the family farm!

Inside a regular coffee cherry with no defects, you’re expected to find two seeds, with their flat fronts facing inwards, and their round backs facing outwards. The seeds of the coffee cherry are what is removed, processed, and roasted for consumers to enjoy i.e. coffee “beans”.

Peaberries are estimated to make up to around 5–10% of a harvest. They occur as a result of a natural mutation, or defect, inside a coffee cherry, where one ovule fails to pollinate. This results in extra space for the single developing seed. Within this space, a larger and rounder seed grows inside. This is a peaberry.

Not all one-seeded cherries can be defined as peaberries, as it’s possible for only one regular, flat-sided seed to develop inside a cherry.