100% Compostable & Plastic Free Nespresso® Capsule Pods

When we developed our Nespresso capsules we wanted to ensure that we was able to create a capsules that truly showcased the standard of Speciality Coffee that we look to achieve and embodied our goals for the Speciality Coffee industry!

As always the coffee you will find inside all of our capsules is Hand Roasted by us personally in the vibrant seaside town of Whitstable and is carefully sourced by us to ensure that all farmers are paid well above the industry standards for their hard work.

It was very important for us to ensure the "Full Life Cycle" of the capsule was as environmentally friendly as possible, not just the capsules 'End of Life' cycle, we wanted to focus on the start & middle of the cycle too! You can read more about our green side here.

So kick back, relax and experience capsules like you never tasted before.

Welcome to our Lost Sheep Family