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Peru - Richard Rubio | Marmalade & Dried Apricot

Peru - Richard Rubio | Marmalade & Dried Apricot

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Introducing Lost Sheep Coffee’s: Peru Sidra - Nano Lot

Indulge in the extraordinary with our Peru Sidra, a truly exceptional and extremely rare varietal of Arabica coffee. This is one of our coffee geek choice coffees! In the cup expect Dried Apricot Marmalade.

This special nano-lot comes from the renowned Rubio's family farm, Finca San Francisco, situated in the picturesque Jaén Province of Cajamarca, Peru. Cultivated with passion and precision by Richard, Consuelo's son, this Sidra coffee showcases a unique blend of complex, unusual, and tantalising flavours.

At an elevation of 1800 MASL, the mountainous terrain of Finca San Francisco provides the ideal environment for this extraordinary coffee to thrive. The washed process employed further accentuates the vibrant flavour profile of the Sidra beans. Delve into a sensory experience like no other as you savour the enchanting cupping notes of marmalade, dried apricot, and malt, harmoniously blended to achieve a cup score of 87.


  • Origin: Peru
  • Region: Finca San Francisco, Jaén, Province, Cajamarca
  • Producer: Rubio  
  • Altitude: 1800 MASL


  • Varietal: Sidra
  • Process: Washed
  • Cupping Notes: Marmalade, Dried Apricot & Malt 
  • Cup Score: 87 


This recipe was developed at this year's London Coffee Festival by our head roaster Mike - he found it liked higher extraction Meaning finer grind, higher dose and longer brew time all adding to more flavour.

  1. Place v60 paper in your v60 and rinse with warm water. Make sure the paper is evenly stuck to the sides.
  2. You'll need 13g medium fine grind, this coffee can go on the finer side before it chokes!
  3. Use quality filtered water, this is an expensive coffee and deserves the best! Make sure to start pouring straight after boil to push extraction further.
  4. Bloom with 50ml of water and leave for a whole minute.
  5. Slowly pour another 100ml of water and swirl the slurry. 
  6. Slowly pour the remaining 50ml to get to a total of 200ml.
  7. Tap the v60 on your mug and wait for final draw down. Brewing should finish 2:30-3 minutes. If too quick, fine your grind next time!


Sidra is an esteemed varietal that has garnered recognition in numerous world barista championship routines, and now you have the opportunity to experience its remarkable qualities firsthand. The meticulous processing methods employed by Richard lend an air of scientific artistry to this exceptional coffee. After de-pulping the coffee cherries, a 40-hour fermentation period ensues, sparking a flurry of microbiological activity. This transformative process causes the bean temperature to rise, infusing the coffee with nuanced flavours. Subsequently, the beans are carefully dried in trays under the shade for 36 days, allowing them to develop a delightful juiciness and a jammy sweetness reminiscent of raspberry and clementine.

The story behind this captivating Sidra varietal adds an extra layer of intrigue. Richard's parents purchased the family farm in the 1990s, initially focusing on cultivating Típica, Caturra, and Timor coffee plants. However, the discovery of five Sidra coffee plants, gifted by a friend who had obtained them from Ecuador, changed the course of their coffee journey. Hidden amongst the lush forest, these resilient Sidra plants flourished while their counterparts battled diseases. Fascinated by their resilience, Richard's father nurtured and expanded their Sidra cultivation, ultimately elevating it to a flagship varietal on the farm.

Immerse yourself in the world of Lost Sheep Coffee's Peru Sidra, a truly fruity, sweet, and unusual coffee that is bound to captivate your taste buds. Don't miss the opportunity to taste this exceptional nano-lot and embark on a flavour journey unlike any other.

We roast all of our coffee beans in small batches - we want to make sure you get the best beans for your brew. This means we're roasting Monday to Friday so your caffeine delivery will contain coffee that is freshly roasted and ready to enjoy! 

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