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Lost Sheep Coffee

Ready To Drink - Can Subscription

Ready To Drink - Can Subscription

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Lost Sheep Coffee Introduces - Ready To Drink Iced Coffee Can Subscription

Delivered direct to your door as often as you want! Simply choose if you are a Latte or Mocha person and we will do the rest as often as you want.

Experience the ultimate refreshment with our Get To The Hopper Iced Latte or Mocha, now available in a convenient ready-to-drink can. Crafted with our fully traceable coffee, each sip takes you on a journey to the farms where our beans are ethically sourced the moment you pop the can. Our award-winning Get To The Hopper blend ensures a rich, smooth, and bold flavour that coffee lovers adore.

Indulge guilt-free with less than 85 calories per can, perfect for a light pick-me-up any time of day. We've combined our specilaity coffee with silky skimmed milk to create a delightful iced latte that's both refreshing and satisfying, whilst remaining guilt free.

- Fully Traceable Coffee: Know where your coffee comes from, with a transparent journey from farm to can.

- Award-Winning Blend: Enjoy the unparalleled taste of our epic Get To The Hopper blend, celebrated for its exceptional flavour profile.

- Low Calorie: Savour the deliciousness with less than 85 calories per can, perfect for mindful indulgence.

Skimmed Milk: Light and smooth, our skimmed milk adds the perfect touch of creaminess without the extra calories.

Elevate your coffee experience with our Get To The Hopper Iced Latte & Mocha – the perfect blend of taste, convenience, and traceability. Grab your 4, 8 or 12-pack today and savour the difference!


*Can be stored ambient*


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