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Tanzania Isani AA | Blackberry, Apple, Black Tea

Tanzania Isani AA | Blackberry, Apple, Black Tea

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Introducing Lost Sheep Coffee's: Tanzania Isani AA

This delicious fruity single origin from Tanzania has tasting notes of; Blackberry, Apple and Black Tea. Indulge in the rich and vibrant flavours of Tanzania's Isani AA washed bourbon. This single origin is bursting with the juicy sweetness of blackberries, crispness of apples, and fruitiness of black tea. It's a tantalizing experience for your taste buds!



Origin: Tanzania

Region: Mbozi, Songwe

Altitude: 1450 MASL


Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Cupping Notes : Blackberry, Apple and Black Tea

Cup Score : 85.5



This makes a delicious V60!

  1. Grind 15g medium fine grind coffee and place in your pre wet filter paper
  1. Pour 50ml of water (90-95 degrees) onto the coffee in a slow circular motion, Let it bloom for 40-50 seconds
  1. Pour 100ml on in a circular motion, up to 150ml. Swirl the bed of coffee.
  1. At 2 mins, pour the remaining 100ml so it totals 250ml or 250g on the scales. Tap the v60 to level the grounds.
  1. Finish time should be 3mins - 3:30mins




This AA fully washed top lot is sourced from Isani AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Society), a co-operative with 193 members in Mbozi district, Songwe region. The co-op was registered in 2001 and its members produced home-processed washed coffee. In 2015 they built their central washing station, allowing them to produce high quality fully washed coffee in 2016. The water used for the processing comes from the Nangoza river, which is just 150m away from the station. 

We roast all of our coffee beans in small batches - we want to make sure you get the best beans for your brew. This means we're roasting Monday to Friday so your caffeine delivery will contain coffee that is freshly roasted and ready to enjoy! 

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