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Espresso Roast

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Region: Timana & Pitalito, Huila, Colombia 

Farm: Local Small Holders 

Altitude: 1,200 - 2,000m Above Sea Level 

Process: Washed & Non Chemical Decaf 



To ensure the blend is perfectly balanced taste wise, we selected two beans from the exact same region of Colombia and roasted them separately to perfection and then blended them together after we had roasted them. This ensures the best tasting results from each of the two beans in your cup.

As with our normal decaf there is no nasty chemicals to be found here!
This decaf is a superb single origin Colombian taken from a program dedicated to bringing the highest-quality, non-chemical-processed decaf coffees to market. Its responsibly sourced and as always is speciality grade, just like all of our other coffees!