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Villa Betulia - Pink Bourbon | Floral, Vanilla, Tangerine

Villa Betulia - Pink Bourbon | Floral, Vanilla, Tangerine

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Introducing Lost Sheep Coffee's: Villa Betulia, Pink Bourbon - Colombia.

Get ready for an amazing experience with Villa Betulia - a new single origin from Luis Anibal Calderon's Farm in Acevedo, Huila - Colombia. This coffee, grown at 1600 MASL is a washed process that has resulted in incredible Floral, Vanilla, and Tangerine tasting notes. With a cup score of 88.75, this coffee is not only delicious, but also of exceptional quality. Perfect for espresso and filter lovers alike, it is like receiving a warm and juicy hug in a mug. Don't miss out on this must-try coffee!


Origin: Colombia

Region: Acevedo, Huila

Farm: Villa Betulia

Farmer: Luis Anibal Calderon

Altitude: 1600 MASL


Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed

Cupping Notes : Floral, Vanilla, Tangerine

Cup Score : 88.75



  1. Fold the seam of the paper filter in on itself, then open it out inside the V60 cone. Lightly wet the filter, sticking it to the sides of the cone.
  2. Dose 15g medium fine-grind coffee and place it in the middle of the filter paper.
  3. Pour 50g of *hot filtered water onto the grounds and swirl the slurry. leave for 30secs, this is called the bloom!
  4. Pour another 100g of water on and give the V60 another swirl.
  5. Pour your final 100g of water, have a final swirl and tap on your cup or jug to level the grounds.
  6. It should finish draining at about 2:30-3 mins. Let it cool slightly and enjoy!


A second-generation coffee farmer, Luis Anibal Calderon has made himself a name for producing super high-quality micro lots of rare varietals. The inherent acidity facilitated by Huila's terroir is matched to Luis' progressive, impactful post-harvest processing techniques, and his coffees are prized for their fruit-filled flavour profiles, exceptional balance and delicate textures.

Luis Anibal Calderón lives at Finca Villa Betulia with his wife and 4 sons. He first purchased their farm in 2005, and he is now one of the most renowned coffee producers in Colombia. He’s made a name for himself by producing a selection of the worlds highest scoring varietals, and his experiments in fermentation have taken his coffees to another level in recent years. 

Luis Anibal’s farm not only grows coffee, but also cultivates plantains, bananas, cassavas and limes. He began planting specialty coffee varieties in 2012, when he planted 5,000 Geisha trees on around 5% of his farm. Fast forward ten years, it was apparent to Luis that returns from cultivating Geisha were worth the extra effort.

He decided to dedicate his entire farm to more delicate and rare specialty varieties, such as Geisha, Catuai and Pink Bourbon. Since he has built a lab that is used to roast and evaluate the coffee he produces.

We roast all of our coffee beans in small batches - we want to make sure you get the best beans for your brew. This means we're roasting Monday to Friday so your caffeine delivery will contain coffee that is freshly roasted and ready to enjoy! 

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