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Lost Sheep Coffee

Compak E6 - Dose By Weight Grinder - Black

Compak E6 - Dose By Weight Grinder - Black

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  • "Parallel System" grind regulator lock
  • Grinds exact amount of coffee by weight with built in scales
  • 1 or 2 On-Demand Dose by weight buttons
  • Touch control screen
  • Motor with fan
  • Three positions switch with by-pass
  • Universal adjustable height porta filter holder


  • Multilanguage Display
  • 3 Modes: Pre-selection - Automatic - Instant
  • Protection menu access by Password
  • Total and Partial shot counter
  • Notice of change of Burrs
  • Date and time
  • Quantity lock configurable by weight ground


Motor output 610 W
Revolutions per minute 1290 rpm
Ø Burrs 64 mm
Espresso point production 6 Kg/h
Time x dosis Espresso (7gr) 1,9 s
Hopper capacity 1.700 gr
Height x width x depth 635 x 215 x 400 mm
Net weight 11,58 Kg
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