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Espresso & Filter Roast

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Not a caffeine fan, not a problem! 
Our chemical free decaf is still a speciality show stopper - enjoy however you usually enjoy your coffee - we've roasted it to be great as both espresso and filter! 


Origin: Colombia

RegionPitalito, Huila 

Altitude: 1200 - 2000 MASL



VarietalCastillo, Casturra

Process: Washed - Natural E.A Decaffeination using fermented sugarcane 

Cupping Notes : Big bold flavours of chocolate with orange sweetness. 



This process use sugar enzymes to remove the caffeine and ensures that all of the original natural flavours are left inside the bean! This truly is a Decaf coffee like you would never have experienced before.

The bean is a superb single origin Colombian and sourced from a program dedicated to bringing the highest-quality, non-chemical-processed decaf coffees to market.

Its responsibly sourced and of a speciality grade, just like all our other coffees!

We roast all of our coffee beans in small batches - we want to make sure you get the best beans for your brew. This means we're roasting Monday to Friday so your caffeine delivery will contain coffee that is freshly roasted and ready to enjoy!