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Espresso guide


Espresso has been finding its way into the homes of coffee lovers more and more over the last 5 years, specifically semi-automatic machines (those that control pressure instead of a manual pull of a leaver). There are many variables to consider when pulling a shot, and these can vary widely depending on the type of coffee you’re using. The following instructions are for a medium roast coffee, we recommend steering clear of dark roast coffee.


    • Freshly grind your coffee fine on your burr grinder. Fine enough to lightly clump when you pinch it between your fingers.
    • Fill your filter basket, 17-19g depending on the size of your basket.
    • Level the grinds with your finger and tamp level and firm with a quality tamper (not hulk like!)
    • Flush your group head with hot water, this cleans and heats the head ready for extraction.
    • Place the group arm back into the machine, make sure it is tight!
    • Press the button and start extraction, you are looking for small streams of espresso with a golden colour.
    • Extraction should take 25-35 seconds according to the coffee and your own taste. Here at Lost sheep we start with a 2:1 ratio, meaning if we dose 18g of coffee we are looking to finish with a 36g espresso! 19g would yield 38g etc.
    • If the espresso is running to quick, fine up your grinder, too slow coarsen it. Always adjust your grinder by the smallest possible settings it has!
    • Enjoy a great espresso as it is or use it as the 1st step in making that perfect drink you prefer whether that is a long black, flat white or latte.
  1. If you want to now make a Flat White, just click to watch our video guide.


* Grinder Settings; coarse = faster / fine = slower.

* Different coffees will need different extraction times. a lighter roast will need longer than a medium, but ultimately it's all about your personal taste, so play around a bit. This is only a starting guide guys and not a set recipe.