Chemex / V60 Brew Guide



Pour over filters like V60 and Chemex are the perfect way to get super clean, sweet black coffee. This method is unlike any other and when using a light roast (1st crack) single origin coffee, you can make something light, delicate and flavourful, which would look more like a herbal tea rather than a 'traditional' coffee.

The guide below is for the Hario V60 with a paper filter. If using a Chemex or a Kalita dose, the grind size may differ, but method the is very similar:


Fold the seam of the paper filter in on itself, then open it out inside the v60 cone. Lightly wet the filter, sticking it to the sides of the cone.

  1. Using a 1:15 brew ratio grind 16g of coffee, as fine as you would for aeropress, but must be finer than French press, so it doesn't brew too quickly. Pour it into the middle of the filter paper.
  2. Pour 50g of hot water (85-90 degrees) onto the grounds and stir lightly with a wooden/bamboo stirrer. This is the bloom, do this for 30 seconds until it stops bubbling.
  3. Slowly in a circular motion pour in more water. For best results use a kettle with a pouring spout, and try not to pour directly onto the filter paper. Hario make great goose-neck kettles for £40. 
  4. Pour in water until your brew weighs 240g total. The pouring should take about 2mins with a final brew time of about 3mins.
  5. Let it cool and enjoy! Double the receipe 32g dry 480g total in about 5mins if making it for two!


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