Aeropress Guide


This affordable plastic brewer was built to make espresso, but never created enough pressure to make it effective. However, it has become an excellent 1 person filter maker!  To get the best out of any coffee, we always recommend grinding it fresh. We use a small burr hand grinder which only costs £20! Grind the coffee to a coarse sand texture, but not as granulated as you would for a French press. Our go to recipe is a 1:15 ratio, so for 16g of ground coffee, it should make 240g of liquid heaven.

Traditional method:

  1. Wet the filter paper and place in the basket and attach the basket to the brewing chamber.
  2. Weigh out your 16g of ground coffee (a medium light roast is best). Then pour it onto the wet filter.
  3. Pour on 50g of hot water (87-95 degrees filtered water is ideal) onto the coffee and stir gently. this is called the bloom and you can knock out some of the natural gases.
  4. Top up the water to a 240g total and secure the plunger on tight.
  5. Wait 1 minute then slowly plunge for about 20 seconds. Let it cool slightly and enjoy.

Haven't got any scales to hand? No problem, there is another method, inverted:

  1. Assemble the aeropress upside down with the filter at the top. Take the basket off.
  2. Pour onto the plunger 16g of coffee (about 1 level aeropress scoop).
  3. Top it up to the top with hot water (again, 87-95 degrees filtered water is ideal), all the way to where you screw on the filter basket.
  4. give it a light stir and screw on the basket with the wet filter paper inside it.
  5. after 2 mins, place a cup on top of the basket and flip the aeropress quickly!
  6. plunge into the cup and let it cool.

Interested in other recipes? Aeropress championships have gone global, browse Youtube, for all sorts of crazy methods!



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