Get To The Hopper Blend | Chocolate Caramel Sweetness

Espresso Roast

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In The Cup: 

With milk- expect a big creamy body with chocolate caramel notes and a light acidity to finish

As black- expect a rich jammy body with hints blackberry and milk chocolate


Get To The Hopper is our signature blend here at Lost Sheep Coffee. We use this blend in our shops and is by far the most popular coffee we sell.

When creating Get To The Hopper we were looking to craft something fun, that can be drunk at anytime of the day and enjoyed by everyone. We keep the blend simple by only selecting two or three beans at anyone time, and always look to combine beans that compliment each other, that create a perfect harmony in the cup.

You're probably wondering why it's called Get to the Hopper, well lets just say we like 80’s/90's films.

When you say "Get To The Hopper" out loud, you have to do it in your best Arnie voice.