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Sulawesi ~ Toraja

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Awarded Best Indy Coffee by the Independent newspaper, we are super excited to share with you this amazing coffee.

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Origin: Sulawesi  

Region: Toraja 

Altitude: 1400 - 1600 masl

Varietal: S795

Process: Washed  

Filter/Espresso: We recommend this coffee to be used with a Pour Over / Aeropress / Cafetiere / Filter Maker  

In The Cup: Expect big bold tropical acidity, pineapple and mango. With complex spice and floral undertones, a very unique coffee which really gets you to re-think what you know about Indonesian coffee. 


Indonesia is famous for its coffee growing islands such as Java and Sumatra. The coffee often includes big strong flavours, sometimes savoury, but not what you would typically associate with speciality coffee. Nevertheless, in the last few years some exciting coffees have come out of Sulawesi and are the polar opposite to what you might typically find from Indonesia.

A Variety developed in India to be resistant to leaf rust, S795 can deliver bags of interesting flavours and acidity. When it is grown at high altitudes, sorted meticulously and dried using mechanical dryers, these coffees often score over 88 and sometimes over 90!