Nicaragua | Licorice | Single malt | Stewed fruits

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RegionFinca El Bosque

Altitude1330 MASL


ProcessAnaerobic Natural

Recommended For Filter or Espresso? We think this coffee tastes best as Filter

In The Cup Expect: Licorice, single malt, and stewed fruits


Description: The region of Nueva Segovia, where Finca El Bosque is situated is heralded as Nicaragua’s premier coffee-growing region. The high altitude and excellent climatic conditions produce cup of excellence winning lots year after year and the proximity of Nicaragua’s coffee mills enable farmers to protect the quality of their beans throughout the drying process.

Finca El Bosque which translates as The Forest Farm has spectacular views over the forests and mountains of Jicaro and San Fernando. The environment is very wild and coffee grows densely amongst shade trees of banana and inga. The potassium injected into the soil by the banana trees is elemental to the nutrition of the coffee farm. Of the farm’s 140 hectares only 30 are allocated for coffee production with the rest of the farm set aside for the growth of pine and oak. All power on the farm is provided by solar panels and a rainwater harvesting tank which provides hydroelectricity.