Kenya | Strawberry Green Apple Zing

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Origin: Kenya

Region: Kamunda

Altitude: 1950masl

Varietal: SL34

Process: Special Sun-dried

Filter/Espresso: Espresso Roast

In The Cup: Experience a lovely Strawberry sweetness followed by a green apple zing to finish. Great tasting Espresso!



Kiambu county is located just outside of Nairobi city. The region has a long history of coffee production. It's really rather famous for its large estates, which were originally built by British colonists in the early twentieth century.

After decolonisation, the estates were sold to local Kenyans and they've been managing them since. While estates such as this used to produce the majority of Kenyan coffee, the increased urban sprawl from Nairobi and the increasing land value in the region has meant that estate coffee production has gradually diminished, while smallholder production elsewhere has increased. Nevertheless, estates such as Kamundu Estate continue a legacy of many generations of coffee production, supported by unparalleled local knowledge and experience.

This coffee is naturally processed on raised African beds. Natural processing is quite rare in Kenya; it's much more common to see fully-washed coffees there.

Ripe cherries are selectively harvested and floated to select only the ripest, highest quality cherries for processing. These cherries are placed in a single layer on raised drying beds and then dried in the sun for up to six weeks. The cherries must be manually turned periodically every day to ensure an even drying and prevent mould formation. Once the coffee has reached its optimum moisture content, it is rested before being hulled, graded further by hand, and finally bagged in GrainPro for export.