Father Sheepmas | Mince Pies | Cola Cubes | Merryment and Joy

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Origin: Colombia


Altitude1,500 meters above sea level


ProcessAnaerobic Natural

Recommended For Filter or Espresso? We think this coffee tastes best as Filter or Espresso!

In The Cup Expect: Mince pies, Cola Cubes, festive merryment, and joy! 



In 2018, producer Olmes de Jesus García began experimenting with Natural and Honey processing methods to improve his coffee quality and compete in quality competitions. In 2021, his hard work paid off and his Natural lot won 3rd place at the Best of Caldas quality competition.

Olmes is second-generation coffee produce and inherited Finca El Topacio from his parents. Olmes is a member of the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Anserma (Anserma Cooperative, for short). He has been producing coffee for over 35 years. His wife and adult son help Olmes cultivate and process their coffee.