Lost Sheep Coffee

El Salvador ~ Chalatenango ~ 250g

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Origin: El Salvador  

Region: La Montaῆita. El Tunel. La Palma. Chalatenango

Altitude: 1500 masl

Farm: Finca La Montanita

Varietal: Pacas

Process: Washed 

Filter/Espresso: We recommend this coffee to be used with a Pour Over / Aeropress / Cafetiere / Filter Maker 

In The Cup: Expect peach sweetness and a smooth mouthfeel. With its low acidity, this is a really easy comforting brew with tea like delicateness



Although El Salvador is South Americas Smallest coffee producing country, it’s known for producing some of the tastiest microlots available. This Pacas is no exception, it is de-pulped straight after picking it, left to ferment dry for about 10–15 hours, then washed before laying it on beds and patios for 10–12 days to dry. 

The farm is owned by René Aguilar and he has worked along with his family producing coffee his entire life here. His farm can produce upwards of 140 quintiles, but this harvest was a little lower, around 80 quintiles. 

This coffee made a very well balanced and big bodied filter roast!