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Brazil ~ Cachoeira ~ Peaberry

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Origin: Brazil 

Region: Cachoeira 

Altitude: 1105m 

Farmer: Mr Barbosa

Varietal: Red Catuai Peaberry 

Process: Natural 

Filter or Espresso: We recommend you enjoy this as filter. (Pour Over / Aeropress / Cafetiere / Filter Maker)

In The CupDelicate jasmine tea like body, with a nectarine acidity and a sugary sweet finish.


This coffee will blow any preconceived ideas of Brazilian coffee you have out of the water!

We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on this very very small peaberry microlot. It’s unlikely you’ll taste this anywhere else as there was only a very small quantity grown!

The Cachoeira farm in Minas Gerais region (south east Brazil) has had the Barbosa family running it for years, a true family business. When I say family business, I mean husband, wife, father, son, and daughter in law all working together. The office is like a big home where everybody shares the same dream, supports each other, learn and grow together.

We work directly with them which is great, and they import their own coffee without the use of a more traditional coffee importer. Before we even sampled their wonderful coffee, the farmer’s wife and friends came to our Roastery! This close relationship is one we can hopefully grow stronger over the years and give us a greater understanding of the coffee that makes it into our cup!