El Salvador Las Mercedes | Juicy, Red apple, Blackcurrant

Espresso Roast

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OriginEl Salvador Las Mercedes

RegionSan Salvador Volcan

Altitude1350 - 1700 masl



Recommended For Filter or Espresso? We think this coffee tastes great as both Espresso and Filter! 

In The Cup Expect: Juicy, Red apple, and Blackcurrant 


The coffee has been processed in keeping with ecological friendly processes at the nearby Tuxpal Mill. This is a wet and dry mill serving the local specialty producers, with patios, raised beds, optical sorting, and clear attention to detail. Washed coffee is held in fermentation tanks for 12 hours. Sun-dried on clay patios for 14+ days, to help create a rich full body and clean cup.

For six generations, the Aguilar family has produced coffee on the shade-rich land on the north-eastern slope of the San Salvador Volcano, with a direct view over the capital city of San Salvador. The top of the farm, being unusually high for El Salvador and lending to great coffee-growing potential.

The farm is surrounded by 100 hectares of nature reserve designated as a part of the Meso-American Biological Corridor which includes a 'mini rainforest'. Given the importance of preservation of the forest, the Aguilar family, in conjunction with a local NGO, that have two park rangers that look after the protected natural forest year-round.