DR Congo | Juicy Cranberries Ginger

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Origin: DR Congo

Region: Kivu Virunga 

Altitude: 1500-1800 mall

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Honey

Recommended For Filter or Espresso? We think this tastes best as a Filter

In The Cup: Amazing in the cup, loving this straight black, unleashes the full Juicy Cranberries finishing with a warming ginger spice.



This coffee comes from the Virunga washing station near the town of Butembo in the eastern part of the country. This coffee is cultivated in the mountainous Kivu region stretching from Lake Kivu (South Kivu province) to Lake Edward (North Kivu province).

Virunga focuses on providing training to coffee farmers and access to the international coffee market. Virunga has several agronomists working with coffee producers at the foot of the Nyiragongo volcano.Coffee travels to the Virunga washing station where where it is milled and then trucked to the port of Mombasa, a 2 to 4 day journey across two countries, Uganda and Kenya.

The Congo coffee industry used to be much more prominent. Kivu coffees are similar in quality to Burundi and Rwanda. But, due to civil war (1998-2003) and continued political instability, the industry all but disappeared. Cooperatives are starting to be established to revitalize the industry and bring back a well-needed source of income to Congolese of North and South Kivu.